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Sink or swim? A new trend to keep you from drowning in the internet sea

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In the competitive freelance online job economy , what makes you STAND OUT to future employers and clients?

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by Sussie Willett in Uncategorized

Stand out among the rest and get the job you want.


Being a part of the online working world can be crazy. You’ve got loads of jobs to scan while hundreds of applicants drool over the same job you just sent your resume to, complete with a cute (maganda!) yet professional photo. So with countless applicants hungry to work, how can you stand out among the rest? What’s going to make you extra special to the employer so he decides instantly, “I like this one?”

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, finding a new job can be a stressful and sometimes lengthy process. With heavy competition, applying for work can take you on a long and unpredictable roller coaster. When I first started out, it took 2 months of persistent applying before I was seriously considered, but it was also within those months I decided I needed to do MORE. I was getting ZERO responses and invitations. I rewrote my resume, updated my online profiles, and within days, employers messaged me. Hallelujah! I thought my email got lost in the internet sea. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of extra time and care to work your magic.

After working online for a year and scanning occasionally through jobs, I noticed a new application trend: employers asking for self-interviews or short video clips (30 seconds). My boyfriend, fresh to the market again after finishing his 1-year contract with an Australian employer, made the same observation. My first thought was, “Is this really necessary?” Having to do yourself up for the camera, get the lighting right, and provide a decent-quality video seemed such a chore, but it also made sense…

You see, when an employer looks at your application, all he sees is pen and paper: in our cases, fellow Kababayan, a word document. How is the employer going to really know you? Hello! Through video recordings! By sending a short video of yourself, you reveal your personality and sense of character. Videos provide big PLUS points to get you to the front of the virtual line.

With the recent demand of self-interview videos, it really made me wonder, “Is this the new trend for employers seeking online workers”?

It wasn’t until my boyfriend was required to provide a short video that I understood the idea. Employers seek not only competent and capable workers, but those pleasant to work with (a.k.a.  have people skills). It sets up a critical stage in their decision-making process to keep only the best candidates.

Videos are the next best technology to solve the employer’s process of looking through mediocre applicants.  Short videos can make you more attractive for hire, even with a so-so resume. If you can successfully exude confidence in front of the camera, then you can make an impression quickly.

With the spectacular rise of online workers, video recordings could become the competitive standard for online job applications. Give yourself that extra boost and show that you are a confident, smart Filipino. We Filipinos are known for being the friendliest and most hospitable humans out there, so why not bring those special traits to the work field and get yourself that job you really want?!

Your destiny does not rest completely on your knowledge or (lack of) experience, but more of the perfect balance between needed technical skills, work ethic, attitude, and a pleasing personality. Treat every job application more seriously. Don’t risk another week or month without a job offer (your family depends on you!) Consider investing in video, 30 seconds that could literally keep you from drowning and get you that next job offer.

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GET 5 GREAT TIPS to get you started!

In the competitive freelance online job economy , what makes you STAND OUT to future employers and clients?

It's 100% free!
100% privacy guaranteed.