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Everyone starts as a newbie…

Participating in the online job world is a MUST these days, a new way of living, a smart career move.


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In the competitive freelance online job economy , what makes you STAND OUT to future employers and clients?

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by Cat Wong in Uncategorized

Take your first steps to become a virtual worker.

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The world is changing rapidly with technological advances and easy access to information, all thanks to the internet. In fact, globalization defined is “worldwide movement toward integrating our economies, trade, financial systems, and communities.” Why should you care?

Because the internet has the power to transform your way of living and working, and can impact your dreams and your family more than you realize!

Think about it.  The internet is a gateway, a channel by which people earn a living offering their technology-based services (hint: use of a computer or laptop) utilizing tools, software, and their expertise to assist someone who will pay them to do a particular job (i.e. writing an article, graphic design, virtual assistant support, data entry, etc). In other words,  a virtual worker can service almost anyone in the world. So your best friend in Baguio or your cousin in Cebu could earn real pera for doing email support or creating a logo for an employer based in Canada or Australia. How amazing is that? Geography is no limitation, and the job opportunities are abundant as long as employers are satisfied with the work.

More importantly, the freelance economy is benefitting hundreds of thousands of workers who can do work (and get paid a real income) without leaving home.  From workers in India, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines, regardless of your educational or economic background, if you can get stable access to the internet and develop the skills needed to land your first job (and future ones), you can generate a new income, and a new way of life. Amen!

For those who are only just beginning, the “newbies”, don’t despair. It may seem overwhelming. And “newbies” aren’t just people who are unemployed, but can also include those who already have a day job (work outside the home) who want to make extra income. Here are common concerns for those unfamiliar to the virtual freelance job market:

  • How do I start?
  • What if I don’t have experience or skills?
  • Am I good enough? Will someone hire me, for real?
  • What equipment or tools do I need?
  • What do I need to invest to get this going?
  • How will I get paid?  Can I trust employers online?
  • Can I really make a living working from home?

Remember, everyone starts as a newbie. Be patient and focus. There are resources to help you, but you need to have the mindset to begin. And you must be willing to take action.

Whether you are seeking full-time work or attempting this part-time, research your options and package yourself by developing your resume and cover letter. (More tips on that later!) Also be mentally prepared for possible interviews, delays, and inevitable rejections (sad face) along the way.  It’s highly competitive. You would think it would be easy to land a job because you have a laptop, a resume highlighting basic computer skills, maybe a college degree, and your English is decent, but there are TONS of Filipinos in your barangay who meet this criteria.

So what will make you stand out?  Invest extra time to make your “package” impressionable to future employers.  As an employer myself, I don’t have time to “figure you out”.  Employers are looking for the best, but your doorway to that next job is through a great resume + cover letter + interview (the “package”).   So if you’re a newbie, or if you’ve had experience but are struggling to find your next job, stay persistent. The right opportunity is around the corner.


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GET 5 GREAT TIPS to get you started!

In the competitive freelance online job economy , what makes you STAND OUT to future employers and clients?

It's 100% free!
100% privacy guaranteed.