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Virtual Success Mentor helps aspiring or active freelance workers secure online employment faster through effective training and guidance.

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In the competitive freelance online job economy , what makes you STAND OUT to future employers and clients?

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Is this the place for me?

Thinking about starting “virtual work”? Maybe you are working online but would enjoy the security of a second income, and no one is offering you jobs or interviews fast enough.

Or are you unsatisfied with what’s out there, office politics, and long commutes? Your family, your Lola, your kids depend on YOU. You feel unsure, trapped or stressed. Hay naku!  You need to make more money and find a better way to do it.

If any of these speak to you… you may be in the right place.

  • you are unemployed or a recent graduate with little to no job experience
  • you have a regular job (outside the home) and want to try online work part-time
  • you don’t get interviews or job offers and don’t know why
  • you lack confidence or need help with your resume (and everything else!)
  • you’ve tried agencies or worked in a call center but seek something better
  • you’ve never applied to online jobs before and don’t know how to begin

If you are feeling lost, helpless, or discouraged by the job-hunting process, you are not alone.

In 2016, according to one independent research study2 million Filipinos are unemployed while 7 million don’t make enough! And more people are entering the workforce looking for better job prospects.  But YOU don’t have to be one of them.  It’s time to get out of the rat race.


Join real-life single moms, 18-year-olds, college students, city dwellers, established professionals, the Millennial generation, people in the provinces, earning a living online, from home.  A few ambitious workers earn more and work less in one month than some full-time professionals. Trust us, we know a few!

Working from home offers convenience, flexibility, more time and freedom.  Many freelancers plan their work hours, are more available for family, sleep in or take siesta, and overall, have increased their quality of life.

It may not be that quick or easy to land your first online job, or your second, but it can be done.  

You just need to understand the rules of the game.

If you don’t, then you are guessing. You are gambling. You are applying out of desperation or ignorance. And you will wait forever for that next paycheck, diba?  It’s time to rethink your strategy or stay broke or jobless.

And you need to know what makes employers tick.

Don’t rely on guessing to find a legitimate online job. Get ahead of the competition and get ready to win! We got you! (And your loved ones need you!)

With effective tools and training, you better your chances in the market so you can start working as soon as possible.

We offer hope.

Let us help you succeed.

It's 100% free!

GET 5 GREAT TIPS to get you started!

In the competitive freelance online job economy , what makes you STAND OUT to future employers and clients?

100% privacy guaranteed.

“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”  Anonymous

I was 1 of 4 people offered an interview (out of 35). I re-did my profile. I was honest yet simple. The quality of my profile made a HUGE difference and my interview landed me the job!  I now have 2 contracts!  Life is good!

Sussie, Virtual worker, Bacolod

Many online workers do not present themselves clearly or professionally. How do we know? Through resumes or cover letters. This is your first ticket in.  It only takes 7 seconds for an employer to KEEP you or DUMP you.  Talent & skill aren’t enough if you get lost in the pile.

Cat Wong, Educator & mentor